Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs and other domestic animals can be wonderful pets and are important members of our families. Unfortunately, these same animals can also cause serious injuries, especially to children. Dog attacks often cause serious physical injury, scarring and emotional trauma. Worcester lawyers Bodkin & Mason, LLP have successfully handled many dog bite cases getting their clients the compensation they deserve.

Dog bite cases“Our client was bitten in the face by a neighbor’s dog. The injury resulted in a permanent scar on the young boy’s face. The case was settled for $175,000 that will be paid out over time, resulting in a total payout of more than $315,000.00.”

Injuries caused by animals require prompt and aggressive investigation. If you or a loved is injured by a dog, you need an experienced dog bite lawyer that knows how to effectively handle dog bite cases. Do not wait, act quickly to protect your rights.

Personal Injury topics frequently related to dog bite cases:

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