Slip and Fall Injuries

Injuries caused by slip and fall accidents are very common. Whether it’s a supermarket floor, icy parking lot, defective stairway or some other hazardous setting, the personal injury lawyers at Bodkin & Mason, LLP have the experience to protect the victim’s rights and get them the compensation they deserve. Property owners have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident – you have rights. Contact an experienced attorney that is ready to fight for you. Contact Bodkin & Mason, LLP.

Slip and Fall Accident on Stairs

“Our client suffered a severe shoulder injury when she slipped and fell on stairs in the common area of her apartment building. Our experienced slip and fall lawyers settled the case out-of-court for $185,000.00.”

Slip and Fall Accident on Ice

“It was late in November when our client slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of a local business. The young woman sustained an injury to her ankle. This case was promptly settled by our experienced slip and fall lawyers for $125,000.00. “

The lawyers at Bodkin & Mason, LLP have successfully handled all kinds of slip and fall accidents and other premises accidents, to include:

  • Falls on Stairs, Defective Hand Rail
  • Falls on Stairs, Defective Stair Tread
  • Falls due to Defective Flooring or Hallways
  • Slip and Fall on Ice and Snow
  • Injuries caused by Defective Doors or Windows
  • Inadequate Lighting and Health Code Violations
  • Supermarket Injuries, Defective Flooring or Shelving
  • Negligent Security, Unsecured Common Areas and Entrances
  • All Types of Property Liability Cases

Personal injury topics frequently related to slip and fall accident cases are:

Protect your rights. Contact experienced slip and fall lawyers who are ready to fight for you. Contact Bodkin & Mason, LLP.

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